About Us


We wanted to buy the perfect gift for the wedding of a close friend. Something that they will appreciate and use. But with so many options these days and not knowing what they need, it was so difficult to choose the one. No one wants to buy the typical vase or hand out an envelope anymore. We wanted the gift to be more personal and what the couple truly wished for.

Enter Wishkiya

The dream honeymoon that you have been saving for, or the sofa that will look perfect with the wall design you have chosen for your new home. Even the wine set that you wanted for your collection on your 40th birthday. Now, you can save all of these in your wish-list and request your close friends and family to contribute towards those. No more unwanted pressure cookers or the wall clocks that you don’t need.

Imagine a perfect scenario where you are not unwrapping the seventh photo frame, which you will probably need to donate right after you get back from your honeymoon. Instead use that time to set your dream home with the help of Wishkiya!